The Product

Product Information

In the simplest terms, YourShift is a cloud based system that helps companies or organisations visually manage their staff or members and their associated events and shifts.

YourShift is split into a number of sections each one with the dedicated job of helping in a particular area. Each of these sections share information to create a smart acting system that takes the effort out of managing staff.

Below are the areas of the system in more detail. Click on the images or the "read more" buttons to view additional information.

Staff Management

Store staff related information for recall by other staff, supervisors and managers. Allow them to maintain their associated information and define selected automation settings, such as when they are available to work.

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Take control with our custom visual shift designer, allowing shift creations in just seconds, and taking a job that would have previously taken hours to a job that takes minutes or even less.

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Manage company or organisation events, meetings, gatherings etc. with the diary and have all that information tie seamlessly into the shift management to make sure none of your staff or members miss a beat.

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Enable easy communication between your staff or members with an integrated messaging/mail system as well as live realtime chat from anywhere inside the application.

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Address Book

Store key contacts for your comapny or organisation and have avaialble maps, opening hours, contact people, and many additional options to help your staff or members become aware of who they deal with and when to deal with them.

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Know what is happening by generating custom reports based on the data collected by YourShift. Use this to help integrate with your favourite PAYE solution.

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Product Pricing

The cost of YourShift depends on a couple of different factors. The number of staff you wish to run through it, and the level of support you require. Both of these factors can be taken into account in the Service Pricing page.