YourShift Addressbook

Company or Organisation Addressbook

Every company or organisation has a collection or list of contacts that are important to the operation and keep the wheels greased and moving.
The Address Book is designed to help keep these contacts at the fingertips of the people that need them. As well as storing the standard phone, fax and mobile phone numbers, address and online website location, it allows the storage of other important information pertaining to those contacts.

Each address book can be completely customised to allow whoever is needed to access the entries using the integrated YourShift permission system.

General Information

As well as containing the general contact phone numbers and address of the contact, a map is also shown which helps locate where the contact is situated.

Additional Contacts

In particular cases, some contacts may have specific contact people associated who will either have direct dial numbers or email addresses that differ from the general contact. The YourShift Address Book allows you to store as many contacts as you require along with their associated phone numbers, email addresses and notes.

Opening Hours

Other important information to have available to staff is the opening hours of that particular contact. This allows your staff to very quickly know if the business or organisation is open and available for communication. They are even provided with a warning when the contact is closed when viewing other details.


Other details about the contact can be stored in a notes section, allowing for more customisable information to be added regarding the company or organisation.