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About YourShift

Over the last five years, YourShift has been developed into the next generation cloud based service that it is today. Now at version 4.1, it helps create, plan and manage staffing hours and shifts using smart algorithmic configurable technology to achieve an end result that creates massive time and management savings. All the while providing an interface for both staff and management to check and make modifications where needed from any internet enabled device.
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YourShift is so flexible that it covers three major operational areas.


Operating a business that employs many staff is often a challenge when also trying to manage shift rosters and leave applications. YourShift can save hours a week by automating leave requests and just prompting managers for actions that are absolutely necessary.


Heavy industry has a need for reducing workload on staff and management, so having a solution that can think for itself and even give staff the ability to request the shifts they want to work, frees valuable manpower resources.


In recreation it is important to make sure everyone turns up to an event and knows what they are doing. Referees, players, score keepers, judges and other key people can be managed quickly and easily, keeping everyone where they need to be using tablets or smart-phones.

Service Features

Every feature that is contained in the YourShift service is extremely customisable, and has been tested and developed using real world company and organisation case-studies.

Staff Management

Store staff related information for recall by other staff, supervisors and managers. Allow them to maintain their associated information and define selected automation settings, such as when they are available to work.

Visual Shift Designer

Take control with our custom visual shift designer, allowing shift creations in just seconds, and taking a job that would have previously taken hours to a job that takes minutes or even less.

Shift Automation

Complex algorithms play a big part in the time saving process. Teamed up with email and SMS contact, YourShift can be set-up to function almost entirely by itself, taking the labour out of shift management.

Mobile Device Support

Being able to use a service from a tablet or smart-phone makes managing staff even easier. Removing limits like location and device means rescheduling a shift can be completed wherever the supervisor is, be it at home, at the office, or even the other side of the world.

SMS Notification

Mobile phones play a big part in our current lifestyle, so being able to be notified by SMS about work coverage, work availability, or actions needed, helps bridge the communication gap between the system and staff member.

Event Diary

Having a way of planning events or meetings and having that tie in with shift planning is a must for most businesses. It features a real-time updated calendar, custom staff attendees, event staff conversation, event categorising, and iCal export.

Global Address Book

Organisation wide contacts that can be kept in a safe, secure place to be accessed by select staff members along with maps to locations, key contacts and opening hours provides a secure key company information access point.


Information is key when running a successful organisation or company. So access to accurate reports for payroll systems, accounts and general information gathering will help sync and inform the people and third party systems that keep the wheels turning.

To see how these features can help run your company's rostering, get started now with an account.