YourShift Staff Management

Staff Management

Every staff member in the YourShift system has their own profile page that can either be maintained by themselves or by designated members. It shows when they are working next, their basic contact details and supplies options such as password resetting, applying for leave for them, and viewing their leave applications.
All functionality can be enabled or disabled using the YourShift permission system, allowing for groups of staff who can manage other staff members.

Other important bits of information displayed on this page are items like skillsets (pools), target hours, hourly rate, workable hours, notes and emergency contact details.


These skillsets are called pools in YourShift and govern what shifts are able to be requested by that staff member or auto-assigned by the automated system. One way to think of these are in terms of skill-sets, but they are not limited to those. For instance you might use them to limit by factors that are independent of skills like preferences or even locations. The system is flexible enough to allow you to use them the way you want to.

Weekly Target Work Hours

In order for the automated shift replacement system to accurately apportion out shifts to staff members, an amount of weekly target hours is used to fill as best as possible.

Hourly Rate

This is used in the reports and the timeline to help budget the cost of shift layouts before they are sent out to your staff members.

Daily Workable Hours

Workable hours lets staff mark any days unavailable so they are not contacted to work on those days. This feature is great for lots of part time staff, as their ability to work particular days might depend heavily on their circumstance.


There is always a need to store extra information about your staff members, whether it be foods they are allergic to, or instructions on how specifically to contact them. The notes section alows you to enter any information like that for each member of staff.

Emergency Contact Details

An area that often gets overlooked is recording emergency contacts for staff members. If something happens to a staff member, who gets contacted? What are their details? YourShift allows you to store that information for easy retrieval when needed.