YourShift Pricing

All pricing is in New Zealand dollars and is based on how many staff or members you have in your company or organisation, and the support level you require. Below is a breakdown of each of these factors as well as a calculator to help you work out what the price will be for your business or organisation.

Number of Staff

The number of staff members you wish to run through the YourShift system will affect the price per month. This can be upgraded at any time from within the application itself, however downgrades in staff numbers will not take effect until the previous payment's associated plan is completed.

Cost Calculator

Drag the slider to display the cost for your sized business or organisation.

All prices are quoted in NZD and do not include sales tax unless expressly stated.

Number of Staff: 5 People


Policy for Cancellations / Refunds

Refunds will not be issued for pre-purchase account credit however it is possible to cancel your account at any time from inside YourShift itself under the billing section.
This will disable your account once the credit associated has been used.

When signing up for a YourShift account you will receive a bonus 30 days of usage free, which will allow you to try the service for an extra month to make sure it will work the way you need it to.
You are able to cancel your account at any point during that period.

Policy for Delivery

You will be able to gain access to the YourShift system once your application has been processed and accepted by one of our team members and payment has cleared for the period requested.
An email will be sent to the address supplied with all of your account details and how to get started. The approximate time for this process is 48 hours, this might vary depending on the size and complexity of your situation.